Onfido is one of the identity verification partners on the  Neufund platform for individual accounts. Their AI-based technology assesses whether a user’s government-issued ID is genuine or fraudulent, and then compares it against their facial biometrics. Read more here.

If you choose to verify your identity with Onfido, please have your government-issued ID and Android smartphone/device with a working camera on hand, if you do not own an Android phone please have a computer with a working camera available. 

Here is a list of the browsers and devices supported by Onfido, please enable video support on your browser. If you proceed with verification via an Android phone you will receive a link that you can use to continue verifying your identity. 

Find information about the countries and documents Onfido supports here. Onfido will guide you through the process and check the validity of your ID, your liveness (you will be asked to move your head) and AML check.