This is ultimately an issue between Windows and Ledger. We've raised the matter with the Ledger team and have escalated it to their management. We will update Neufund users once Ledger provides an acceptable fix for this issue.

Currently Ledger's proposed fix for this issue is to 'move the popup to the side' according to their official support article here: 

Unfortunately it doesn't fix the login issue. In the immediate term, we recommend that Ledger users login from a non-Windows computer. While we cannot speak for Ledger's response to this issue, we will update our community when a more strategic solution is available.

Another option for you would be to restore your Ledger configuration onto a Light Wallet or Metamask using your recovery phrases.

Please note that you are solely responsible for safeguarding your private key and the recovery phrase. Neither Neufund nor anyone else can access or retrieve your information. Neufund is not liable for any damages resulting from loss or theft of your personal assets.