The 18 months period has come and ICBM investors have the right to unlock the funds they committed during the ICBM. Please note that once you decide to do so the NEU you received as a reward will be returned back to the community. 

How to do it? If you already created a wallet on our platform and you either migrated your ICBM wallet or you have all the NEU you received on this wallet follow these steps:

  • Log in to the platform with the migrated wallet    

  • Go to the Wallet tab

  • Click the "unlock" button next to your ICBM wallet

  • Confirm the message

  • NEU will disappear in the portfolio tab. 

If you have not migrated your wallet, you can learn to do it here

To enable your wallet, please follow instructions here

To Unlock funds for users that never enabled/migrated their ICBM wallet: