Every time an investor purchases nEUR their bank account will be linked to their Neufund account details, and will be used for future redeem requests. If the investor is trying to redeem nEUR and they have never purchased nEUR in the past, they will need to verify their bank account and link it to their Neufund account. The reason we are doing this is to make sure we are using a bank account which belongs to the investor. 

If you are trying to redeem for the first time or you just wish to verify a bank account for the future follow this steps:

  1.  Login to your Neufund account and go to the "Wallet" tab.

  2. On the "nEUR Balance" section, click on "Link New Account".

  3. You will be asked to agree to Quintessence's Terms and Conditions (The issuance of the nEUR is done through Quintessence PLC. Quintessence PLC is a separate entity which will provide Neufund platform the service of nEUR issuance. ) and to agree to nEUR purchase agreement.

  4. Next you will be presented with the Quintessence bank details - you can copy the information.

  5. At the following step you will need to proceed to your bank or online banking and complete the wire transfer to the bank information we provided you.

    IMPORTANT: Your wire transfer details must include the reference number provided on the details and the bank account must match the name you provided on your Neufund account details.

  6. After this you can click on "Bank transfer completed". One of our representatives will verify your wire transfer within 1-3 business days. You will receive an email confirmation.

Avoid unnecessary fees by transferring funds using SEPA transfer.