To register on Neufund you can choose from the following accepted wallets:
  • Light Wallet

  • Ledger Nano

  • MetaMask

Before proceeding with the registration, please carefully read the information below.

In order to access to your ICBM commitment (your locked ETH), you’ll either need to:

  1. Register with the wallet address that you used during the ICBM, or

  1. Register with a new wallet address (choose from options above) and migrate your ETH commitment via the Migration Tool.

For users who participated in the ICBM using a wallet that is incompatible with Neufund, please proceed with option #2. 

Once you have registered via one of the options above, you’ll be able to see the status of your ICBM wallet in the “Wallet” tab.

Not sure what the Migration Tool is? Please refer to this support desk article. 

Need help using the Migration tool? Please refer to this 8-step guide.