In order to provide equity token holders with legally enforceable shareholders rights, we connect the underlying asset with its on-chain representation in the form of a token. This is achieved by writing all legal agreements in two languages: English and Solidity. Both the smart contract and the legal contract are cryptographically hashed at all times.

ETO agreements:

Standard ETO Term Sheet- Configured by the company through the Neufund platform, generated based on a template.

Acquisition and Reservation Agreement- A legal agreement signed solely on-chain; with the signing of this agreement the issuer creates tokens and investors buy them. It is a one-time event. It states the rights of the company to receive funds from an equity token sale.

Token Holder Agreement- A legal agreement signed solely on-chain. Transfer of shareholder rights from Nominee to token holders.

Investment and Shareholders Agreement- A legal agreement signed solely off-chain. The Nominee suscribes to the shares of the ETO and in exchange the Nominee receives shareholder rights.