With every investment conducted through Neufund, investors are rewarded with NEU tokens, which represent economic co-ownership of the platform. As a NEU token holder, you are entitled to a share of the proceeds that Neufund generates.

- If you purchased NEU tokens on a secondary market, transfer them from the exchange’s account to your blockchain wallet. Otherwise, you will lose your right to participate in the payout from NEU.

- If you hold your NEU tokens on a few different blockchain wallets, it is best to transfer those to the wallet associated with your Neufund account before the day of the payout from NEU. Otherwise, you will have to accept your share in the payout separately with each blockchain wallet (which also means you will have to go through the registration & verification process each time).

In order to accept and redeem the payout, your identity must be verified on the Neufund platform, and your NEU needs to be on the wallet linked to it.

Step 1: Register & verify your Neufund account

In order to accept your payout from NEU, you must first register and verify your Neufund account (if you haven’t already). Be sure to register with the wallet on which you hold your NEU tokens, or transfer your NEU tokens to a newly created wallet.

Step 2: Log in to you your Neufund account

After completing the registration & verification process, head to the “Portfolio” tab, which you will find on the left sidebar. In “Overview of pending payouts from NEU” section you will find your share in payout from NEU ready to be accepted.

Step 3: Accept your share in payout from NEU

Click on “Accept all payouts” and a pop-up screen will present you with a summary of the operation, including the total amount of the payout in both nEUR and ETH. Once the transaction is confirmed, you will receive your payout shortly afterwards (the time it takes depends on Ethereum network congestion) and it will appear in “My Assets” section.

Step 4: Redeem your nEUR starting March 1

Your nEUR tokens will be available to be redeemed to your bank account soon. The function will be released by March 1, 2019. Join our Telegram to get live updates.