With every investment conducted through Neufund, investors are rewarded with NEU tokens, which represent economic co-ownership of the platform. As a NEU token holder, you are entitled to a share of the proceeds that Neufund generates.

- If you purchased NEU tokens on a secondary market, transfer them from the exchange’s account to your blockchain wallet. Otherwise, you will lose your right to participate in the payout from NEU.

- If you hold your NEU tokens on a few different blockchain wallets, it is best to transfer those to the wallet associated with your Neufund account before the day of the payout from NEU. Otherwise, you will have to accept your share in the payout separately with each blockchain wallet (which also means you will have to go through the registration & verification process each time).

In order to accept and redeem the payout, your identity must be verified on the Neufund platform, and your NEU needs to be on the wallet linked to it.

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