In order to transfer NEU tokens from your light wallet to a different one, you'll need to follow the next steps:

1) Go to and choose “Mnemonic Phrase”.

2) On your Neufund account settings, generate your backup recovery phrase if you do not already have it. If you already have it but would like to confirm it once more, please note that you can still access it from the "backup recovery phrase" option.

4) Enter your backup recovery phrase with no numbers (just the words). Click "Unlock". You don’t need to provide a password here, otherwise it will locate an incorrect wallet.

5) On the "Select HD derivation path" screen, choose the m/44'/60'/0' Ledger (ETH) option and click on "Unlock your Wallet".

From the next page you can already transfer NEU tokens from your light wallet to other wallets. 

Please note once more that the light wallet is a starter for those who are new to blockchain; if you would like to invest more, we strongly suggest you register with a Ledger Nano.