The first step you need to follow to conduct an equity token offering on Neufund is the application process. Once accepted you will be able to proceed.

Currently we are receiving many applications and we want to make sure to adhere to our extensive due diligence standards when reviewing each company. Therefore, we would like to ask all interested businesses to read this informative material before proceeding with your application:

6 Steps to ETO your Company with Neufund 

Requirements to do fundraising on Neufund - Passing our KYC

ETO 101 explainer

In order to gain a fuller overview and keep the process efficient, we are also ask all interested companies to complete the attached application form, in which you will need to provide us with some information regarding your company, your product and the company team. In addition it would be very helpful if you could send us a short version of your pitch deck.

All the application information must be sent to or; or you can also create a ticket here.