NEU token is a token that represents economic co-ownership of the Neufund platform. 

How can I become a NEU token holder? There are two ways: 

  1. Every time an investor invests in a particular ETO, he/she will be rewarded with NEU in proportion to the amount they invest.
  2. NEU is also traded on secondary markets.  However, research about specific platform needs to be done individually.

What are my rights as NEU token holder and co-owner of the platform? What are the benefits? 

With each successful ETO, a platform fee is paid by the company who raised the funds: 

  • 3% from the amount of the capital raised (ETH and/or EUR) and 
  • 2% of the equity tokens issued. 

These fees will be distributed between all NEU token holders. 

What should I do in order to be eligible for the distribution of proceeds generated by Neufund? 

In order to be accounted for when NEU rewards are distributed, you need to have the NEU outside of the exchange in an external wallet. So, if you purchased NEU tokens on an exchange, you need to transfer them from the secondary exchange to your personal wallet. This way the smart contract will know how much NEU is held by external wallets and distribute the payouts pro rata, as it doesn't take into account how much NEU is held in exchanges. If you want to accept payouts then the NEU needs to be in the wallet linked to your Neufund account, and your identity needs to be verified.