An Equity Token is a technologically enhanced quasi-share that is as easy to purchase and trade as cryptocurrencies, yet give the investors and issuers legal protection similar to classical forms of VC investing. Equity Tokens guarantee crucial equity-like rights for the investors and the issuers. Legally, Neufund’s Equity Tokens are structured to represent shareholders rights in off-chain companies. Equity Token Offerings can be conducted by any incorporated entity worldwide, however at the moment the platform does not accept companies incorporated in the USA, due to regulatory uncertainty in America.

When you invest in equity tokens, you are investing in legally binding security tokens representing equity ownership in a specific company.

Depending on the terms of the investment offer set by each issuer, these tokens include certain shareholder rights (dividends, resolution voting, etc.) as well as utility functions.

  • Innovative companies from across the globe
  • Become a shareholder in real-world entities
  • Claim dividends and vote on resolutions
  • Liquidate easily on the secondary market